Designed to be durable, comfortable and practical for all dog breeds and sizes, the IDC Powerharness is the ultimate dog harness for both pets and active service dogs.

The Innova Dog Comfort (IDC) Powerharness has been specially designed to be comfortable for dogs to wear over long periods, as well as being extremely secure.

All of Julius K9's dog harnesses are highly durable and are trusted by professional trainers and pet owners alike.

Official Julius K9® Powerharness

  • Breathable Oeko-Tex inner lining
  • Water-Repellent Top Layer
  • Reflective Chest Strap and Edges
  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • Replaceable Side Labels
  • Handle Closing Element Not Included in Baby 1 & Baby 2 Sizes
  • Please measure your dog or puppy prior to ordering to ensure an accurate fit
  • Colours may vary depending on screen resolution

Chest Circumference Size Guide

Baby 1: 29cm – 36cm

Baby 2: 33cm – 45cm

Mini-Mini: 40cm – 53cm

Mini: 49cm – 67cm

0: 58cm – 76cm

1: 63cm – 85cm

2: 71cm – 96cm

3: 82cm – 115cm


Taking thorough measurements of your dog is essential for choosing the correct harness size. Place 4 fingers behind the front legs to find where to measure the chest (girth) for harness sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, and 2 fingers to take measurements for sizes Baby1 and Baby2.


Before putting on the harness, it is very important to adjust the chest strap and the lower strap under the chest correctly. If the straps are too loose, the dog might be able to back out of the harness. When the lower strap under the chest is too tight, it is uncomfortable for the dog.


Choosing the wrong harness size, as well as incorrect harness adjustment and collar use may result in the dog slipping out of the harness or the collar. If the harness is too small, the chest strap puts pressure on the dog's neck instead of distributing it over the chest area. Choosing the wrong harness size may result in injury. The right harness size should leave the dog with enough room in the shoulder area and it should be able to move its legs freely. If the harness is too big, the dog might step over the chest strap with its front legs. My Fab Dog and JULIUS-K9® holds no responsibility for any injuries resulting from choosing the wrong harness size or incorrect harness adjustment.

Additional information

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Black, Red, Royal Blue, Camouflage, UV Orange (High Vis), Raspberry Pink, Union Jack, UV Yellow/Green (High Vis), Baby Pink, Aquamarine


Mini Mini, Mini, Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3