Strong Stuff – Tuff Guy (35cm)


These toys are super tough and can also be used in water, as they float!

The answer to all the ruined toys of old!

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Strong Stuff Ballistic Fabric Toys are designed to withstand the day to day playing with your dog!

Designed in 1942 during World War II, ballistic fabric is a super strength material that was designed to provide vital protection for soldiers in war zones.  A product that was strong enough to help deflect shrapnel and other flying debris that came from gunfire.  This material was named Ballistic fabric, due to its ability to deflect this debris.

This Strong, Durable, Heavy Duty Blue Tuff Guy Tug Toy will keep you and your dog entertained for a long time. The range of ballistic fabric Strong Stuff toys from Sharples & Grant are designed with the strongest dogs in mind and have been tested by British Bulldogs.

Built to withstand the rigours and hardships of extreme and vigorous play, they are made from double layered ballistic fabric material.

The toys are then double stitched for extra strength and durability. For added peace of mind we have sealed the squeaker in ballistic fabric material. In the unlikely event your pet gets to the squeaker there is an extra layer of protection.


Strong Stuff toys can also be used in water as they float and they also wash well.


*Please supervise your dog when he is using this toy and check regularly for damage*