Union Jack


Union Jack Medium Snuffle Mat by My Fab Dog. This mat is ideal for small to medium sized dogs, cats and other small animals.

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Union Jack Medium Snuffle Mat by My Fab Dog.

All our mats are double tied for extra strength and are made with an anti pill material and a heavy duty rubber backing. Your dogs nose and brain were made to hunt, track, sniff and forage. Dogs noses have 300 million receptors that make them 10,000 better at smelling than us.

By hiding treats within the snuffle mat, your dog will stay mentally stimulated and satisfy some of their natural instincts. Snuffle mats can break up the time between meals and gives your dog a purpose. Great boredom busters & excellent for puppies.
The mat will tire your dog after all of the excitement of finding the treats.
The overall finished size of our ultimate mats are 50cm x 30cm (approx).
The actual mat size (measured from the bottom of the mat) is 38cm x 20cm (approx).

Your pet should be supervised whilst using their Snuffle Mat and once the activity is finished take it away for next time. This will create excitement for the pet when they see you bringing it out.  Snuffle Mats are not toys.